“The desire to experiment and innovate has always distinguished us. For us, making beautiful trousers does not mean making tailored trousers, hand-sewn, according to tradition. But the real challenge lies in being able to produce mens and womens trousers with excellent fabrics reworked in a modern way, so beautiful and with that pleasantly lived-in look that they seem to have always been part of your wardrobe. A challenge that is anything but simple. We have found the right key to win it and it is no coincidence that our pants are the ones you try once and then come back to buy because they fit you well and make you feel right.”

-Simone Bernardi-

MYTHS adventure started in 2005 in the Rubicone valley, in Emilia Romagna, Italy, from the desire to create modern, versatile and highly researched trousers.
The soul of the brand is to be found in family history: Luciano Bernardi, founder of the GDM company, his sons Simone - the brand's strategy and artistic director - and Giovanni, product manager.
The name MYTHS refers to the myths of Magna Graecia, a symbol of timeless beauty. The same philosophy that is applied to the production of trousers, which embraces a unique style, always current and in search of new experiments in fabrics and washes.

Mix, blend, research. MYHTS expresses quality contents to the garments, such as the special "skirt", that is a coating with basting that can be opened inside the belt of the men's trousers, or to the buttons, the finishes, the sartorial basting shown on the left side pocket of all piece-dyed garments.
MYHTS is dedicated to men and women who are looking for garments with a comfortable, personal fit and who do not give up on color.