ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE is the ideal trousers for women and men always on the move, who want to stand out for their style and elegance and who choose attention to detail.

The Atletic Performance trousers are extremely light, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and they can be stored in very small spaces, returning as before once hung.

The typical features of MYHTS men’s trousers, the special “skirted” tailoring construction, adaptable by opening the internal seams, is presented here in sand-colored technical fabric.

The same attention is paid to the women’s trousers, whose belt is in ivory-colored technical fabric.


Technologically innovative, with clean and functional lines, ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE is designed to enhance the functionality of the fabric without sacrificing the clean lines, which have always been a central objective for MYTHS.

The collection consists of a single type of fabric applied to four different textures: four male models and four female models differentiated by color and shape: blue, ivory blue vichy, prince of wales and navy blue check.



More than active

Reactive is made by Taiana, an Italian textile company founded in 1933, through sustainable processes from an ethical and environmental point of view, following the ISO 14001 and 9001 standards.

The technology developed by Taiana, leader in Woven Stretch fabrics, is applied to the Reactive fabric allowing to obtain an ultra-light trousers with active 360-degree stretch for total comfort, furthermore the weft chain weave, combined with the particular textile structure creates small surface reliefs capable of activating the cutaneous micro circulation for a lymphatic drainage action. In addition to the features listed, this fabric does not stretch and is 5 times more breathable than those normally used. It does not wrinkle and even on days with peaks of heat, the fabric is breathable and bacteriostatic.